Pregnant Woman Tries WEIRD Pregnancy Cravings

20 dec 2020
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Today I'm Trying the WEIRDEST Pregnancy Cravings I could find on the Internet. But because I'm pregnant myself, I thought I'd make my husband try them with me for an honest opinion if they're good or gross! There were LOTS of pickle food combinations...
I'm Pregnant!!
Pregnant Woman Plays Pregnancy GIRLS GAMES That Scare Her
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  • 1:50 my during every single group project 😂

    Harini IyerHarini IyerPirms 21 minūtes
  • Lauren: Wait you didn’t do the cream chee- Bobby: YEAH!

    Kat simmerKat simmerPirms 2 Stundām
  • bobby: *mini seizure* me: Ha. Nice

    Caleb DenneyCaleb DenneyPirms 3 Stundām
  • who else peeped the dunder mifflin shirt-

    kota_beans 12kota_beans 12Pirms 4 Stundām
  • OK that fact bobby has and Dunder mifflin shirt makes my day.

    Ailish CollinsAilish CollinsPirms 4 Stundām
  • Flaming hot cheetos are literally banned in the UK :')

    Thukitha MaheshThukitha MaheshPirms 7 Stundām
  • Bobby said internet 4 times

    Nadrin VlogsNadrin VlogsPirms 14 Stundām
  • Me not pregnant and eating thingd also I love pickels and nuttela. Im weird I know

    Jaco and SisoJaco and SisoPirms 14 Stundām
  • The baby is like 'Mother, what are you doing? I never asked for a peanut butter, pickle and chip sandwich-'

    Erneta ŠatrovaitėErneta ŠatrovaitėPirms 14 Stundām
  • Half of this stuff is in my fridge :-:

    Fairy Egg HeadFairy Egg HeadPirms 16 Stundām
  • I used to have salami and Mayo sandwiches also isn’t Mayo cheese and pickles just grilled cheese?

    *•Just_your_daily_person•**•Just_your_daily_person•*Pirms 18 Stundām
  • 2:35 Lauren: "..I haven't had regular potato chips in so long.." *Proceeds to hug the bag tenderly with care.*

    LeaLeaPirms 23 Stundām
  • ive heard of people craving miracle whip on everything

    HailetHailetPirms 23 Stundām
  • no one: Bobby: and pickles? Lauren:... and pickles

    HailetHailetPirms 23 Stundām
  • Hi

    Gavin NickersonGavin NickersonPirms dienas
  • im 13 and not pregnat but i LOVE penut butter and pickle samwitch

    LalataffyLalataffyPirms dienas
  • If you think That food is wierd drink and play with Eatible Bubbles XD

    Abel CervantesAbel CervantesPirms dienas
  • Lauren: OH NOOO Bobby: 😐 Lauren: It’s fine Bobby: 😐 Me: What is happening (but still enjoying it) Also I love how Lauren was really calm when she was talking about the mashed potatoes and then she grabbed the bread and smiled while saying on to the next one Btw I LOVED to eat just cheese and mayo sandwiches

    Jackelyn SilvaJackelyn SilvaPirms dienas
  • I was eating a s’more when they were eat the potato chip s’mores

    Happy_PandaHappy_PandaPirms dienas
  • Lauren and Bobby’s baby is so lucky to have amazing, funny people like them. 👩🏻‍🍼👨‍🍼

    Bailey PerkinsBailey PerkinsPirms dienas
  • "I feel ridiculously good looking eating this" ......... now I know there's something wrong....

    Chris BovéChris BovéPirms dienas
  • I...have been around pregnant people all my life and I haven't heard of any of these cravings except the pickle fam likes pickles apparently ;-;

    Maddy MitchellMaddy MitchellPirms dienas
  • Dude my boyfriend likes to put pickles on his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... he claims it's good, but I refuse to try it

    TanukiTanukiPirms dienas
  • Now I want a lays amore sooo badly-

    Rarity VlogsRarity VlogsPirms dienas
  • I love pickles so I once sat in my basement and ate pickles, meat, and I drank milk with it and guess what I was sick the next day not the best combo

    Blue ninja DudeBlue ninja DudePirms dienas
  • Ik lauren i really dont understand why my family love spicy stuff it is just PAIN

    PurplePandaPurplePandaPirms dienas
  • I love you

    Amgel DeOcaAmgel DeOcaPirms 2 dienām
  • I love cheese, Mayo and pickle sandwich

    Eden SimonsEden SimonsPirms 2 dienām
  • They aren't that spicy Lauren 💀

    AesirAesirPirms 2 dienām
  • I will literally eat a whole block of cream cheese. Don't at me.

    AesirAesirPirms 2 dienām
  • If Lauren doesn't know, she can heat up the stove and cook the marshmallow over it as if it were a campfire, just a recommendation:)

    Random ArtistRandom ArtistPirms 2 dienām
  • I love the office it is my favorite show

    Chrisq Rogers.q.Chrisq Rogers.q.Pirms 2 dienām
  • the dunder mifflin shirt is amazing made me think of pregnant pam

    KaydegoopKaydegoopPirms 2 dienām
  • *the dislikes are from the only childs*

    Pancake ButterflyPancake ButterflyPirms 2 dienām
  • Idk if u have done this already but u pup cheetos doesnt matter what kind put them in a ziplock bag or something then crush them into dust then put some pickles in there idk why but it's just good;-;

    •Kaitlyn and the birds••Kaitlyn and the birds•Pirms 2 dienām
  • when my best friend was pregnant, she was OBSESSED with jalapeños! (and basically anything else spicy, but mainly just straight up pickled jalapeños) 🥵🥵

    HunnybeeHunnybeePirms 2 dienām
  • Ow mah gad lays is a turkish chips. And im turkish fan of you

    Tokyo BojerTokyo BojerPirms 2 dienām
  • "I'm important" Yeah, that's what we all say, Bobby.

    z4r4liciousz4r4liciousPirms 2 dienām
  • When I saw the flaming hot Cheetos, my mouth made me think I was actually eating it- I got a tingly feeling on my tongue- Is this weird???

    Jaira PlayzJaira PlayzPirms 2 dienām
  • at 14:29 Lauren's face bravo bravo

    Imogen JohnstonImogen JohnstonPirms 2 dienām
  • A weird craving my aunt got was salted ice cream with hot Cheetos on top

    Hanna OsborneHanna OsbornePirms 2 dienām
  • 10:24 His poor voice said "I dont want no more pickles human" And proceeded to crack on him XD

    Jazmine ManningJazmine ManningPirms 3 dienām
  • Lauren has the same yeti cup as me we are twins

    SplinterageSplinteragePirms 3 dienām
  • Me at first: OMFG YOU PREGNANT 😄. *realisation of what you had to do to get pregnant* 😦

    _SEIKO UWU__SEIKO UWU_Pirms 3 dienām
  • Mayo cheese and....................picklessss

    PixelPixelPirms 3 dienām
  • I officially don't need a child, I mean I didn't want to wipe a baby's butt anyway or hear it cry

    Read Dead PotatoRead Dead PotatoPirms 3 dienām
  • Hot Cheetos with pickles is amazing UwU

    Kawwii•.•wolfycawke TwTKawwii•.•wolfycawke TwTPirms 3 dienām
  • My mom had meat cravings with my little brother 😊

    Kawwii•.•wolfycawke TwTKawwii•.•wolfycawke TwTPirms 3 dienām
  • You guys need to try a peanut butter and banana sandwich. But make sure you use most of thr banana so you can taste it with the peanut butter

    Schleich Horse Lover 100Schleich Horse Lover 100Pirms 4 dienām
  • Plot twist, the only reason that Bobby liked this was because he was also pregnant

    NoodlecharmNoodlecharmPirms 4 dienām
  • Lauren:flamin hot cheetos Me:that's not weird I have that for a school snack

    Aimee GoodingAimee GoodingPirms 4 dienām
  • I have not been pregnant, but you should try pretzels and cream cheese (original first then try different flavors of Cream Cheese)

    Antonia HansenAntonia HansenPirms 4 dienām
  • Hi I just wanted to say I loooveee your vids sooo much and I have a really good food combo Rose lemonade Revels Toffee popcorn

    Pluto Is de bestPluto Is de bestPirms 4 dienām
  • I personally rlly like ketchup flavoured chips with chocolate, pizza with cornflakes and ice cream with chips * chef's kiss* I'm not sayng you should try them, they were good but they also probably gave me brain damage 😂😅

    Yuki DaWolfYuki DaWolfPirms 4 dienām
  • I eat peanut butter and pickles and potato chips sandwich on a daily bases and I am no were near pregnant.

    Kalah PiattKalah PiattPirms 5 dienām
  • Bobby: HOT CHITTOESS Lauren: Dies inside Dexter: you got cheese? I wants cheese! GIMME CHEESE!! I SMELL CHEESE!!!

    Monkey ZMonkey ZPirms 5 dienām
  • *now bobby can’t leave her*

    「 AᴅᴅɪᴄT 」「 AᴅᴅɪᴄT 」Pirms 5 dienām
  • E

    Sdr2 CoreSdr2 CorePirms 5 dienām
  • bobby: has a seizure lauren: i love ittttttttt

    Brooklyn NewbyBrooklyn NewbyPirms 5 dienām
  • I found a bread book and thought of lauren

    Chelsea LodiniChelsea LodiniPirms 5 dienām
  • Title of this video: Pregnant Woman Tries WEIRD Pregnancy Cravings What the Title should be: Pregnant Woman And Husband Eating Pickles With Diffrent Foods For 16 Minutes

    Agata DAgata DPirms 5 dienām
  • doreto and pizza

    Tricia SmithTricia SmithPirms 5 dienām
  • The smores one looked great omg

    chanhwiichanhwiiPirms 5 dienām
  • alternative title: bobby being disgusted and traumatized by pickles and pregnancy cravings for 16 minutes straight

    Freya RoseFreya RosePirms 5 dienām
  • I mean, Bobby's pregnant so that could explain things.

    Jamil RodriguezJamil RodriguezPirms 5 dienām
  • I think the reason you have no cravings is because you are eating all the nutritional things the baby needs

    techie simmertechie simmerPirms 6 dienām
  • Try spicy pepperoni meat stick, with cheddar cheese dipped in peanut butter 😁 yumm

    Heidi SandersHeidi SandersPirms 6 dienām
  • Lauren: I've never had hot cheetos before- Meh: uHm- "pReGnAnT wOmAn" u hAvE hAd thOsE thInGs iN tHe sImS 4 wItH tHe fLaMiNg hAwT sPaGeTtI aNd bObBy EvEn lIkED iT- wTf aRe u TalKiNg AboUt

  • hey its fine to eat

    talkingwithhaylietalkingwithhayliePirms 6 dienām
  • I don't think bobby likes it much because the cream cheese and pickles for from a polish rose (a Poland/polish recipe) and he may not have polish in his dna

    KaenKaenPirms 6 dienām

    KaenKaenPirms 6 dienām
  • The thing she messed up on was not roasting the bread

    PhantomHermitPhantomHermitPirms 6 dienām
  • Is it just me or is Bobby more chaotic in this video. 😂

    Just-a-Harmless -PotatoJust-a-Harmless -PotatoPirms 6 dienām
  • 2:59 bobbys smile😂😂😂😂

    anime girlanime girlPirms 6 dienām
  • when my mom was prego with me she loved the smell of gas now i love it haha

    nova bearnova bearPirms 6 dienām
  • Lol cheese and pickle, usually with butter but sometimes with mayo, is a popular choice for a sandwich/wrap where I'm from in the UK - better with grated cheese and gherkin pickles 🙂

    Kayleigh HowellKayleigh HowellPirms 7 dienām
  • PLEASE do Doritos and cheddar cheese

    Tommy McdTommy McdPirms 7 dienām
  • Can we appreciate how much the emoji Woman from the thumbnail looks just like Lauren

    Wanda MaximoffWanda MaximoffPirms 7 dienām
  • Have the same blue yeti OMG

    Jessica ConnellyJessica ConnellyPirms 7 dienām
  • Are you actually pregnant?

    Jessica ConnellyJessica ConnellyPirms 7 dienām
  • What’s ritz because they look like jatz

    Fun SistersFun SistersPirms 7 dienām
  • The craving for cigarette butts and chalk is called Pica, it is a symptom in pregnancy of anemia and should be taken seriously.

    Samantha GoodmanSamantha GoodmanPirms 7 dienām
  • bobby has a seizure every time he eats bad food, thats going to be my excuse when i eat bad food

    Valentina GumucioValentina GumucioPirms 7 dienām
  • ive never had smores in my life~

    XxgalaxyferretXx_YTXxgalaxyferretXx_YTPirms 7 dienām
  • I love his shirt, lol, I am whereing that same shirt and matching mask!!

    Bella BowenBella BowenPirms 7 dienām
  • You should make a video of getting baby stuff

    Mary BrissetteMary BrissettePirms 7 dienām
  • when i was really little i loved ice cream with tortilla chips.

    Chloe and Lily HooverChloe and Lily HooverPirms 7 dienām
  • I remember when my mom was pregnant with my brother she had ice creams and pickles lol

    I love bunniesI love bunniesPirms 7 dienām
  • i have got that dunder mifflin shirt that bobbys wearing

    Matthew CoyleMatthew CoylePirms 7 dienām
  • Omg poor Bobby!!! 😂😂 I'm dying

    Diamond ReignsDiamond ReignsPirms 7 dienām
  • Not me willing to try all of these besides the ice cream and pickles 😂😂 They'd say something and in my mind I was like "mm, that might be good". I'm not even pregnant lol.

    Hais CrozierHais CrozierPirms 8 dienām
  • Ha Ha Ha

    Eileen WangEileen WangPirms 8 dienām
  • I HATE pickles too bobby

    Carlee ChenCarlee ChenPirms 8 dienām
  • ?

    Eileen WangEileen WangPirms 8 dienām
  • I suggest trying a sandwich with pickles, mayo and chips on it. According to my pregnant mother it good.

    Sakura’s ForeheadSakura’s ForeheadPirms 8 dienām
  • I feel like pregnant people's taste buds just die when they get pregnant ;w;

    WhiskerKat YTWhiskerKat YTPirms 8 dienām
  • Non of these are weird yet?? I’m up to the mash potatoes

    Gray2ce hanadulsetGray2ce hanadulsetPirms 8 dienām
  • You should try hot chocolate with a spoon of nutella in it.

    hywaiixhywaiixPirms 8 dienām
  • The cheetos with pickles I eat that about twice a month or so! :l

    Frog_Frog_Pirms 8 dienām
  • Bobby:do I have anything on my mouth? Lauren:hargdjnekbs Bobby:👁👄👁

    Bumble beeBumble beePirms 8 dienām