I had COVID-19 ...while Pregnant

15 jan 2021
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I've finally decided to talk about my Covid-19 Coronavirus experience while I was 21 weeks Pregnant in case the information can help others. I answer a bunch of your questions & concerns as well as explain my Covid symptoms, testing, how I felt, how it affects the baby & the rest of my pregnancy, & anything else I could think of.
It's a long video so if you only want to know answers to specific questions, jump to the below timestamp:
00:00 - Intro
01:22 - What were your first symptoms?
02:26 - Did you have many symptoms?
04:38 - Did you know you had it? How long before you got tested?
08:25 - Were there any symptoms you confused with pregnancy symptoms?
09:19 - What was your reaction when you found out?
10:24 - How scared were you for yourself and the baby?
11:39 - Did you feel any anxiety/guilt about getting it?
12:56 - How did you get it?
15:04 - How difficult was it to not have sense of smell/taste?
16:14 - How long did it take to recover sense of smell/taste?
17:12 - How bad was it compared to other times you've been sick?
17:52 - Did any foods taste weird/good?
18:58 - Any advice regarding it?
19:47 - Did you have any pre-existing conditions that made it worse?
21:48 - Does having it affect the baby in any way?
22:35 - Do you know if the baby will have immunity to the virus?
23:16 - Is there a specific treatment or routine for pregnant people you had to do?
24:40 - Did anything change with the baby? heartbeat, kicking, etc
26:23 - How has it affected your mental state?
28:38 - Has Dexter noticed something wrong?
29:11 - How has it been balancing work/recovering from illness?
29:36 - Have people blamed you for getting it?
30:08 - How did you deal with the stress before & after positive test?
30:46 - Will you get the vaccine?
31:22 - What do you think it will be like giving birth during covid times?
32:50 - Outro
Please wear a mask, please continue to take this virus seriously.
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  • I have been showing symptoms and feeling sick lately. I just took my test and it wasn’t bad at all. My results haven’t come out yet, I’m hoping it’s just a bad case of the flu, wish me luck🤞

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  • Are you okay? Holy sh!t I hope the baby is okay... another question, is the baby a boy or a girl.

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  • Ther still a virus

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  • i am so happy your ok now but yea my mom got it in the begining of the new year and i was really scared but after about 1 month she got better and that was great i was on a call with my friend when i found out but i tried to stay calm

  • I know I am watching this late but I have been through this and your not alone

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  • Lauren is not getting out of her room while her sick is not better Lauren's baby:i dont wanna get sick:(

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  • Happy 😊😁 to sad 😟😔😫

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  • Soooooooooooooooooooooo poor 😰

  • Oh no 😨 Your Grandpa Die How Sad😭

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  • Goodluck Lauren you are the best and deserve the best conditions :(

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  • I had covid it was the WORST

    Ejay HovaEjay HovaPirms 4 dienām
  • You are the best youtuber I'm so sad. I hope you feel better Laurenzside

    David DobsonDavid DobsonPirms 4 dienām
  • My grandma had covid

    Pete TetreaultPete TetreaultPirms 4 dienām
  • laran my mom has Covid and know she doesn’t have it anymore so i want to meet your kid plz

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  • We always support never give up 😊😊😊

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  • Lauren I hope ou are feeling okay

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  • Ooh noooo

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  • I'm sorry lauren 🥺

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  • Who else has asthma? 👇

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  • Thankyou so much for posting that vid luaren you have helped me allot (I LOVER UR VIDS BTW!)

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